Investing in human potential

Our Story

At Hirelense we are building a home for remote jobs abroad. Before the future of work became a thing, we imagined a new normal where finding great work that extends beyond geographical limitations isn't a one man's journey, where hiring talent is less like Tinder and more like a match made in heaven on hirelense. The idea was born after our founder kicked off his career working remotely for a Berlin-based SaaS company selling transformative products to companies in the UK and South Africa.

Years of acing interviews with top startups and sitting on the other side of the table screening the best talents from different parts of the world nurtured the idea. It also reinforced what we knew should be the way to find great work and the people willing to do them.

Our Mission

We strongly believe in two things - 1. The next best thing will be built by the most gifted people from the unlikeliest places. 2. The future of work will be partly remote, mostly flexible, and wholly borderless. Hence, our mission is to develop and invest in human potential from emerging markets to build | sell the products of tomorrow.